Raven Mavens on the Prowl

unnamed (2)October is “Breast Cancer Awareness Month” and staff members, friends, family and patrons who call themselves the “Raven Mavens” are prowling around for donations for the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides campaign.
In addition to selling very sexy t-shirts, we are looking for team members and donations in hopes of reaching our 2015 goal of $1000.
Like us on facebook and/or check out our team page to see how you can get involved in a good cause that is very near and dear to our hearts.

“Shared Drinks” Chalkboard & Pending Coffees

unnamed (1)I told you it was coming, and now it’s here: our “Shared Drinks” board is up and running. We’ve already had a generous patron purchase 15 “Pending Coffees”. How awesome is that? \

Here’s how it works: Say you’re in the Raven and want to buy a drink for a friend who loves lattés, Michigan craft beer or any of our other many offerings. You buy them a drink, we post their name and the drink on our chalkboard. We won’t be sending out additional communiques to drink recipients, so we recommend you tell them they have a drink coming to them.
When your friend comes in and sees their name on the board, they ask for their drink and receive it. Easy!


Fashionistas may remember a series of t-shirts I recently designed for the Raven. They featured collective pronouns that described groups of ravens (“unkindness”, “constable” and “conspiracy”).

beachhoodsComing soon to the one and only Raven Café near you – “A ‘STORYTELLING’ of Ravens” t-shirt design. The origin of this particular collective pronoun is a mystery, and I challenge YOU, our lovely patrons, to tell me under which circumstances a group of ravens is called a “storytelling”.

The first patron to deliver an answer with a cited source gets a latté on the house. The first patron to bullsh*t an equally great explaination also gets a latté! We can’t to see what you guys come up with!

P.S. Beach hoodies are coming this Fall!


Crazy Kindness for a Good Cause

The GISHWHES hunt is almost upon us, and by the time this letter reaches you it will be a mere 2 days away! Sadaat and I are incredibly excited and hope that our patrons can assist us in the fun. Last year I received help from friends with the following list items:

  • a race between a crawling baby and a crawling turtle
  • design Michelle Obama on a window in donated post-it notes (courtesy of Raven neighbors, Standard Office Supply!)
  • shave a design in a man’s chest hair (Sadaat took the hit on this one)
  • stage a cross-dressing family photo
  • make a bird’s nest in a man’s beard
  • dress up animals as characters from SUPERNATURAL
  • and so many more…

Being somewhat of an introvert, the hunt gave me a reason to chat with people I hadn’t talked to in a while, get to know acquaintances better and, ultimately, realize how beautiful and helpful people can be.

This year we not only have our friends and family to call on for help, but as owners of the Raven we have access to a vast network of awesome patrons that could potentially get in on the fun. Stay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook starting August 1st and you just might be able to race your crawling baby against a turtle, become a toilet paper princess or even walk on water. Enjoy these images captured from last year’s hunt!

What’s funnier than Hell?

satori_lgAccording to Satori’s Circus’s Funy As Hell, not much! This theatrical production is inspired by Dante’s Inferno and highlights musical genres such as rock, folk and country depending on the featured sin of the corresponding circle. The Port Huron presentation will be the first time Funy As Hell will be performed with a live band. It’ll leave you in stitches! Reviews of previous performances of the show:

  • REAL DETROIT “These folks are true visionaries… absolutely mesmerizing.”
  • YALE UNIVERSITY NEWS “An ideal opportunity for (those), conscious of the parody, to laugh at the underlying critique of our surrounding institutions. Artistically quite clever.”
  • DETROIT FREE PRESS “Satori Circus is easily the best performance art group Detroit has produced.”
  • METRO TIMES “SATORI CIRCUS is a singularly uncanny theatre-going experience that’s a little bit Performance Art and a little bit Rock Opera.” 
  • ENCORE MICHIGAN “A performance art hybrid rarely seen in Metro Detroit… You’ll leave humming and wondering if Hell could really be this entertaining!”

Among many other talented performers, Raven Café owner Sadaat Hossain and staff members Nate Dauphinais, Paul Zimmer, Esq. and Scott Dambacher are performing in the show this weekend at the Sky Box Lounge (located above the new H.A.C. on Quay St.) Friday July 31st and Saturday August 1st. Tickets can be purchased online or at the door – $15 (18 & over, please).

Buying a Drink for a Friend or a Stranger

pending3Here at the Raven, we appreciate and encourage kindness. Inspired by a post about “pending coffees”, we’re in the process of creating a chalkboard wall where patrons can purchase drinks for friends or pending coffees for those in our community that genuinely can’t afford one. I think we can all agree coffee is a basic human necessity.

Mystery of the Missing Necklace

wenchallOn July 26, 2015 a woman named “Karen” took two necklaces from the Raven gift corner. She pocketed one (a bronze necklace with vintage diver mask charm) and paid for the other (a bronze necklace with an inscribed quote from Alice in Wonderland on the charm).


  • Mid 50s
  • Dirty Blonde/Light Brown Hair
  • Height – Approx. 5’4″
  • Weight – Approx. 155 lbs
  • Seen leaving in full size, dark Chevy truck

Any information leading to us getting in touch with her for payment of the necklace will be rewarded with a tasty beverage!

Strolling Magician Mondays, 5:30 p.m.

Darrel HafnerStarting Monday, July 27th a new face will be joining you for dinner. While you wait for your delicious sandwiches and salads, local magic man, Darrel Hafner, will be showcasing his skills at sleight-of-hand, legerdemain and generally blowing your mind.

Darrel Hafner is from Richmond, MI. He has been performing magic since 2008 and has performed at graduations, youth functions, and numerous local fairs and festivals, such as the Richmond Good Old Days, St. Clair County 4-H Fair and the Armada fair.

Preview some of Darrel’s chicanery on his Facebook fan page.

Book Signing: SHORT FUSE

A book signing at the Raven? How appropriate. We’ll be featuring the science fiction novel “Short Fuse” by Brent D. Seth on Saturday, July 25th from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m.

bookSeth, originally from Illinois, now lives in Michigan with his husband and several spoiled cats. Seth is a self-proclaimed “daydreamer, procrastinator, drinker, smoker and all around fun guy.” He remembered a TV broadcast showing the surface of Mars as a child and being instantly curious about space. He has extensive retail experience, so he knows a good deal about aliens.

Short Fuse’s main character is Jason Miller, overweight and over-the-hill, on the road to nowhere, with only his cat Leo, for companionship. Life goes from bad to worse when Jason rear-ends a police car. With his car totaled, a large angry cop about to write him a ticket that will cost a month’s salary, Jason gets a lucky break when a brightly lit Christmas tree suddenly falls out of the sky. At least it looked like a Christmas tree…

Waking up in a strange place, he and his companions soon discover they’re to be used as expendable conscripts in an interstellar war. Jason must elude hostile aliens and win a galactic war before they’re all blown to bits. The fuse has been lit, and time is running out!

R.S.V.P. via Facebook.

A Plethora of Creativity


Our staff is so talented! Sadaat Hossain, owner, and staff members Scott Dambacher, J. Pauly Zimmer esq., and Nate Dauphinais will be in the upcoming production of “Funy As Hell” on July 31st & August 1st at the SkyBox Lounge (located upstairs from the H.A.C.).

Performance artist and Detroit native Satori Circus does most of his original work in the metro area. His “absurdist” style draws on music, lyrical poetry, theater, multiple characters, film and movement to bring a surreal synthesis of the arts, with influences that stretch everywhere from Dada to Monty Python, from David Bowie to vaudeville. In short, a Satori Circus show is pure entertainment.

Written and composed by Brian & Dave Dambacher as well as Satori Circus,  “Funy As Hell” uses Dante’s The Divine Comedy as a framework. You are guided through a labyrinth of questions, of spirit, of destiny, of hope, of despair, and pure naughtiness: all the same musings. You witness the travels of a man who is lost in a dream between the here and there of Purgatory, Hell and Paradise: the same premise. Combining music, song, costumes, sound & lights, movement, film, cabaret and enlightenment your perception is obscured as to what performance art is, or what it could be…and yes, these are all the same contraptions used to embellish a story.

Blurring what is typically thought of as theatre, SATORI CIRCUS and the Dambachers will bring the audience through the subterranean worlds of Purgatory, Hell and Paradise to witness, participate in and analyze the situations that our protagonist, our hero (or anti-hero), manages to become involved with…deliberately or accidentally.


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