Ever go to a bar and connect with a bartender on a level that makes you want to go again and again because you enjoy their company so much? I’ve had this experience and it’s literally “the spice of life”. That little something extra.

With this in mind, our people are as varied as our many beverage options, so here’s a snapshot of each of them so you can get an idea of their “flavor”.

Ren (he/him) works the bar mornings and nights. If you catch him in the a.m. he likes either Earl Grey tea or a honey latte with oat milk.

If you skulk in one evening when Ren’s manning the bar he’ll likely suggest Jamison if you’re looking for a shot. Otherwise, if you’re looking for something fancy, he’ll mix you a Gold Dollar from our Detroit City Distillery menu.

If you’re hungry, Ren recommends our Premature Burial Bacon Ham Melt – Diddling Style.

His playlist vibe is composed of upbeat electronic feel-good music. When his shift is over, he celebrates with The Presets’ song “Kicking and Screaming”.

Between the whir of the blender, and the buzz of the coffee grinder, he loves to converse about D&D, Art, Fantasy, non-fiction anthropology & socialogy books and tattoos.Ren is spunky and welcoming to everyone who visits his bar. He particularly loves chatting with the Raven regular, Cathy Murray who always makes him smile.

Elle (she/her) works the bar mostly nights, if you catch her in the a.m. she likes Chocolate Strawberry lattes or a mug of our Fortunado blend.

Elle’s not yet 21, but if she’s recommending a liquor, she’ll offer vodka, but if you’re looking for something in particular she’ll mix you up a Zombie. If you’re more a beer person, she hears the Triple Jam is on point.

Her playlist vibe is mostly indie, rock and occasionally 70’s disco. When her shift is over she celebrates with Lips Inc.’s “Funky Town”.

Between the whir of the blender and the buzz of the coffee grinder she loves to converse about art techniques and inspiration, indie and horror movies – her fav being “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”.

If you’re hungry, Elle recommends our Enigma or El Dorado salad.

Elle has an easy smile and is welcoming to everyone who visits her bar. She particularly loves chatting with the artists of Magic Hat Tattooing as she hopes to apprentice as a tattoo artist in the future.

This carousel of images will be updated with more bartenders in the future…. Stay tuned!

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