Stroll With Your Alcohol

Today the Raven was approved to sell alcohol that can be consumed in the confines of our newly licensed social district (see map)! *Here are the details: Permitted drinks must be purchased from a licensed downtown bar/restaurant. Currently it’s just the Raven, but many others have applied and their licenses are coming down the pipeline … Continue reading Stroll With Your Alcohol

20 Unique Places to Visit in Michigan

Renowned for its great lakes, enchanting forests and sugar-sand beaches, Michigan is a nature enthusiast’s paradise. Indeed, the state’s richly diverse natural landscapes are matched only by the dozens of vibrant, eclectic towns and cities that can be found here, each one exuding their own inimitable charm, character and appeal... READ MORE @ TRAVELMAG.COM

Making Progress

It hasn’t been business as usual, but we’re definitely getting things done! While the gents from Lake State Building Company have been reconstructing our kitchen floor, the Raven crew has been busy deep cleaning everything within reach. I snuck around today and got a few candid shots. Paul fixing some chairs. All of the kitchen … Continue reading Making Progress

Closed for Construction

From 2/23-2/29/20 the Raven will be closed for construction. We are redoing our kitchen floor. This project will pave the way for other improvements in the future. We apologize for the inconvenience. Stay tuned to social media for updates. If we can reopen sooner rather than later - we will.

New Books!

Fun fact: here at the Raven we love and appreciate book donations. Recently, these three books were graciously donated by the authors. Signed copies, even! A big thank you to Wendy Sura Thomson, Andrew Charles Lark, and Donald Levin. A bit about each book, from the back covers: Summon the Tiger; A Memoir by Wendy … Continue reading New Books!