Charitable Vibes

The Raven isn’t just a spot for great coffee; it’s where community and care blend seamlessly. As a local family café, we’re all about reaching out and lifting up the neighborhood. And we’re inviting you to help us spread the joy even further.

Fundraise with Us

Looking to fundraise? We’re your go-to place. Bring in your event flyer and team up with us for fundraising certificates. Whether you’re into art, culture, education, or charity work, we’re ready to support and showcase your cause.

“Foyer Fundraisers”

Our café doors are always open to charity, literally. Our foyer fundraisers let customers support various causes while they grab their daily cup. If your organization champions arts, culture, education, or any philanthropic cause, we’re interested in hearing from you – email the following information:

  • Send us a Flyer: Email the image or PDF to
  • What You’re Selling: Describe the small items you’d like us to feature, aiming for a quantity of 50-100 and fitting for a cork board display — items like ornaments, buttons, or stickers are perfect.
  • Recommended Donation: Suggest a donation amount for each item to guide our patrons.
  • Our Honor System: We’ll showcase your items with care, but we can’t take responsibility for them once they’re on display.

“Cozy Crates” for Warmth

Cold weather shouldn’t mean cold fingers and ears. That’s why we started “Cozy Crates.” Drop by 932 Military St. and grab what you need to stay toasty—gloves, mittens, hats, you name it. All free, all for the taking, until the last frost melts away.

“Pending Coffees” Pay it Forward

And let’s not forget about coffee! With our “Coffee on the Wall,” you can buy a brew in advance for someone struggling to afford it. It’s a chalkboard of kindness meant to offer a warm cuppa to anyone who needs it, ensuring everyone gets a sip of care and comfort.

Join in the Generosity

Jump on board with our community initiatives at The Raven. Your next coffee purchase could warm hearts and hands. Let’s make every coffee count and keep our community thriving, one kind act at a time. Because here, coffee is not just a drink—it’s part of our community’s spirit.