Edgar Allan Poe wrote, “Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality.” The Raven features an ever-changing collection of approximately 5,000 books in a large range of genres. In addition to the works of Poe, our shelves include: Science Fiction, Satire, Drama, Action, Adventure, Romance, Mystery, Classics, Self-Help, Health, Travel, Children’s Literature, Young Adult, Religion, Spirituality, New Age, Trivia, History, Cookbooks, Journals, Inspirational, Biographies, Autobiographies, Fantasy, Crime, Historical Fiction, Poetry, Horror, Art, and more!

Next to the blue police phone box door in the library (Dr. Who fans may want to take a picture here!) there’s also a special section of “coffee table” books – large books that don’t fit in the standard library shelves.Travel, art and photography, special interest, and a collectible postcard album, are among the treasures you’ll find in the large book section

Tag a book as your next great read, and “save your place at our place!” An assortment of bookmarks, in specially marked mugs, are available for purchase at 25 cents each on the library’s shelves. Drop 25 cents in the mug for the bookmark, write the date you began reading the book, and record each date you return, on the bookmark. Store your book on the designated “BOOK LOVERS” shelf near the TARDIS door, and it’ll be left undisturbed for at least 30 days from your last recorded visit!

Every book deserves a good home! We encourage guests to visit the lowest level of Raven Café and search the “Nevermore” books near the exit. Parting with any book is difficult for a book lover; we like to believe the “Nevermore” books will be rescued for a small re-homing fee and provided a new home with a fellow-book lover, or enjoy a new crafting adventure!

Reach out and connect at Raven Café!

CHECK OUT THE FEATURE SHELVES! Feature shelves are not just another brick in the wall; they’re specially marked by their solid color backdrop. The contents often include items like the Blind Date Books, selected themes, items available for purchase, seasonal interests, community service projects, and more!

Specially selected books are sealed and tied with a bow, and made available for purchase, or gifting. The genre and subject matter are identified on the front of each wrapped book. Blind Date Books are regularly available for purchase at $4.44 each. Pair up a Blind Date with other items from our Gift Corner!

PROMOTE LITERACY! Specially marked mugs around the library provide guests the opportunity to adorn a personal bookmark for giving. Raven Cafe’ donates the bookmarks to educators for scholastic book events.

SUPPORT LOCAL AUTHORS! Books written by area authors are often available for purchase in our Gift Corner at the bottom of the stairs. Check it out! We also feature the work of select artisans and artists, gift cards, printed clothing, coffees, teas, and beverage-ware.

PLAN A FAMILY READING OR GAME DAY! The Library Media Specialist changes out the books for the children each season, and keeps an assortment of games equipped and available above the children’s corner, for adults and children to play while they dine. Be sure to let us know if we’re missing a critical game piece – we’ll do our best to replace it!

WRITE OR DRAW IT YOURSELF! Feeling inspired to write your own words or express yourself but don’t know where to start – we have a solution for that! The Raven Café has books filled with writing prompts and a large selection of shared journals for patrons to write and sketch. The journals are located at the top of the stairs. Ask your server where to find them!

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SK Mabry, Media Specialist, Raven Café