Artists currently featured:

Carol Mason, Jewelry & Knitting
“Handmade crafts and things. Always trying new things. Jewelry, yarn things, stones, wood, leather. You never know what I might come up with.” FACEBOOK PAGE

Jody Parmann, Mixed Media
Jody Parmann, aka JP, co-owns the Raven with husband Sadaat Hossain. Once upon a time she painted, then she had little people. Now she does the Bitty Baddies series on an iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil. The Raven carries prints, postcards and pins of the series, and also displays mixed-media pieces and paintings. WEBSITE

Kristen DeWitte, Mixed Media
Kristen is a Raven barista, and as an artist dabbles in charcoal, oil paints, acrylics, mixed-media, pyrography and pretty much anything she can get her hands on, really. The Raven displays some of her portraits and sells various art prints and crafts created by Kristen. FACEBOOK PAGE

Lee Ann Hillis, Stained Glass & Art
Lee is a longtime patron of the Raven who slings baked goods from Betsy’s Bakes during the day, solders glass in the evenings and hikes forest trails on the weekend. She currently displays art at the Raven with art prints for sale. She also has stained glass pieces for sale on the mirrors above the Cafe’s tables. FACEBOOK PAGE

Warren Doss, Painting
Warren’s creative pursuits range from making music with his band White & Wong, metal sculpture and abstract paintings. He’s responsible for the wicked bike rack by our rear entrance. He also has paintings adorning the brick that are for sale.

Joanie Roehl, Painting
Joanie is artist who dabbles in many mediums. She currently teaches art at Marysville High School.  She has paintings and drawings currently for sale at Raven Café.

Stu Davis, Photography
Stu is responsible for many of the beautiful photographs featured on the website. His post-edit work makes his already incredible shots seem to glow and vibrate with energy.

2 thoughts on “Art

  1. 11-29-16 I called today to find out more about your cafe because I’m looking for a place to go for my birthday and the lady I spoke with was very kind and informative. I wish I had gotten her name. Also, after looking at your web site, I really want to go to your cafe. I’m an artist and would like to talk to someone about my paintings.


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