Raving about Raven

Recently we’ve had a couple of amazing shout-outs and votes of confidence that make us feel grateful and loved.

On Friday, July 8th Derek Kevra (a Fox 2 Detroit meteorologist), mentioned The Raven on air as “the place to go” if you’re in Port Huron. We had viewers of the show calling and emailing us about it. Special shout out to the viewers and Derek for that.

Even more awe-inspiring was the message I got this morning from an the older sister of a childhood friend, Tina Goulette Deatrich. She’d been going through her nephew Jeremiah’s school work when she came across a worksheet of his favorite things… and there we were, under favorite food! It’s a pretty profound thing when you rank high with the little people.

1st Grader, Jeremiah

When folks approach me and tell me the Raven is their favorite, my response is always the same, “Long before owning the Raven was even a twinkle in my eye, it was my favorite too.”

I think it’s the books. They’re magical. Just think: each book is some author’s passion put down into words, either to entertain or inform. That energy multiplied by thousands, and all in one place. It’s inspiring to be around.

Speaking of books, did you hear the library millage is coming? Vote YES, on August 2, 2022. Our 11 libraries serve 160,000 people in St. Clair County. If it’s not renewed our local libraries are in danger of going the way of the dodo.

Thanks for all the love,
JP (& Sadaat)

P.S. If you aren’t familiar with the dodo, go research it at the St. Clair County Library System.

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