Out with the Old…

Howdy! Let me start by formally introducing myself: I’m Jody Parmann, (AKA JP), official “Aesthetics Manager” of the Raven Cafe.

What the heck kind of title is that?

It’s a fancy name for someone in charge of making the Raven look good – inside, outside and to the world at large. That means I organize things like the carving of the new bird on our facade, design menus and ads, update the website, curate the art we hang on the walls, right down to managing the dirty work of cleaning the premises.

From the beginning one of my least favorite things to clean has been our giant chandelier, henceforth referred to as Widowmaker. Hiring a local company to professionally do it wasn’t a possibility, because such a company doesn’t exist. Our staff has done it on occasion, but I’m not a big fan of sending them up on ladders because I’m not a fan of heights. I don’t feel right asking them to do something I’m not willing to do myself.

Widowmaker is a dust magnet. It’s so bad it looks like it has fur! Who wants to look at that when they’re enjoying their salad, amiright?

Under the layer of dust bunnies, the fixture didn’t work well and casted almost no light.

The thing that has kept Widowmaker in the ceiling for as long as it has it that patrons like it, and we like to make our patrons happy.

With this big remodel where we are furiously cleaning everything. I couldn’t in good conscious let the dusty Widowmaker remain.

Now now, don’t cry. We’re sorry we had to take Widowmaker down, but it just had to be done. If there is anyone out there that would like to purchase it from us, make an offer. It could be YOURS to clean.

Another thing we’re considering is taking it apart and making plaques that feature a photo of Widowmaker and one of the glass beads that adorn it. This way everyone could own a little piece of it. We’re open to ideas. Feel free to e-mail me at jody@ravencafeph.com

…in with the new.

Where once Widowmaker hung, oppressively casting more shadow than light, now hangs three large LED globes with Tesla style exposed filaments that cast warm golden light.

We hope you like them as much as we do.

One thought on “Out with the Old…

  1. Well, I like it! Nobody wants a dust magnet above their heads nor do they want it above their food. I’m glad yo finally got it down to be out👍

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