Pull Up a Chair

Usually when I’m sitting here at the Raven, either in the TARDIS or at the bar, I will hear people when they come in and look for a place to sit.

More often that not, our regulars tend to walk in with a purpose and look like they know right where they’re going.

I’ve heard excited variations of “Oh good, our table is open!”, or when regulars are bringing new friends in, a wave in the direction of a particular section with “We usually sit at that table over there.”

It made me think about where I usually sit.

I tend to gravitate toward the bar, because I’m often here solo and I don’t feel the need to take up a table unless I’ve brought along some homework to get distracted from. Also, it’s guaranteed that I will know whoever is behind the bar, so I’ll have someone to talk to if I’m feeling social.

If someone is with me, I let them choose where we sit. Since I’m here multiple times per week, it seems only fair to let the actual guest pick our location. Usually the person with me will want to sit upstairs.

What about you?

Do you have a seating preference? If so, where is it and why?

Is it a couch upstairs because they’re comfortable and add to the overall This Is My Living Room feeling?

A table upstairs because that’s where the games are and there are SO many books within easy reach? Or maybe you like to sit upstairs when we have live music so that you can see the stage a bit better?

Perhaps you like to sit downstairs so that you can see everyone walking in. This place really is like Cheers, and if you stick around for a long enough period of time, someone you know is bound to walk in.

I’m genuinely curious, let us know if you have a preferred perch!

See you soon.

-Jessica, your Media Specialist

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