Are you inspired?

Do you feel inspired when you come to the Raven Café?

I know of at least two regulars that come in to write on weekly basis. One gentleman is old-school and fills notebooks with tiny neat script.

Corey Danna

The other is a man named Corey Danna, who graciously gave me permission to photograph him so I could make this photo illustration of a bearded Edgar Allan Poe tapping away on a laptop. Very appropriately Danna writes, directs and acts in various horror projects that fall right into Poe’s wheelhouse. He also writes for HorrorGeekLife, SlackJawPunks, and Vulcan Sky Entertainment.

combs1Danna shared with me that recently, while writing at the Raven, he’d finished an article featuring an interview with actor Jeffrey Combs, best known for the cult classic “Re-Animator“, about his portrayal of Poe in the one man show “Nevermore”. You can read all about it here. 

I’m thinking that if Poe were alive today, he and Danna would be buds.

Historically we’ve had SC4 teachers bring in students as part of a writing assignment. You can read the fruits of their labor here.

So back to the question at hand – do you feel inspired when you come to the Raven?

We hope so. We’d love to see what you’ve created here and if it falls under the heading of coffee, ravens, Poe or the horror genre in general, we may even share it with the world.

Finally, is there more we could do to attract and keep you creatives coming back? We’d love to hear your ideas.



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