I vaguely remember my first scary movie.

I’m pretty sure it was The Howling, because I recall watching people become werewolves through the dining room doorway.

I was about four or five years old, and my mom and older sister were watching a movie. I was instructed to go play somewhere, and told that I was not allowed in the living room while the T.V. was on.

Right…what child can resist that kind of temptation?

So there I was, in the doorway, with my newfound fear of men morphing into bloodthirsty beasts. I had nightmares for weeks about people showing up in my living room and turning into werewolves while I just stood there, unable to move.

(I need to add this movie to my rewatch list, by the way…)

Do you remember your first scary movie?

There’s a chance that we may be showing it here at the Raven soon!

Halloween Movies

Coming Attractions

September 4th: Alien

September 11th: Jaws

September 18th: The Evil Dead

September 25th: Fright Night

October 2nd: The Terminator

October 9th: Hellraiser

October 16th: A Nightmare on Elm Street

October 23rd: Friday the 13th

October 30th: Halloween

That’s right.

We simply can’t wait until October to start watching scary movies.

Halloween lovers rejoice!!

This list of classics is a good place to start for the season. We all know that at some point we’ll find ourselves at home, in the dark, alone, binge watching an entire horror series. (This sort of thing will start earlier for some…then again, this sort of behavior doesn’t necessarily stop for some of us…)

Why not kick off a series here with us and watch the rest at home?

October simply isn’t long enough for all of the spooky celebrations, and we hope that you will join us at 7 p.m. on Wednesdays in welcoming what is arguably our favorite season.

See you soon!

-Jessica, your Media Specialist



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