Tales From the Raven Cafe

Our Duchess of the Raven (Jody Parmann) discovered this little gem of a book online. She asked me to contact the authors and discover whether or not our very own beloved Raven Cafe had somehow inspired these interwoven tales.

To which I said “Challenge accepted.”

(Actually I replied “Will do!” via email, but that doesn’t sound as cool.)

The back of the book reads: “Eight regulars of the Raven Cafe meet for morning coffee and conversation. Three days in June change their lives.”

Did these eight authors actually meet here at this very cafe to make this book happen? Did they visit here and get the idea to use this cafe in their stories? Is our favorite coffeehouse on the literature map?

Well, no.

Above this statement, in slightly smaller print, it also reads: “Some time ago, eight Kawartha authors gathered at Pappas Billiards, located in the heart of downtown Peterborough, Ontario.”

It turns out that the eight authors met about three times over the duration of crafting this novel; most of the work was done via email. When they did meet, it was in a pool hall owned by one of the authors.

So where does the Raven come in?

Here’s the really neat bit:

“Each [author] was given a character named for the writings of Edgar Allen Poe. Each has written a story, a story that begins and ends in the Raven Cafe.”

No, it is not our cafe.

I reached out to the authors whose contact information is available in the back of the book. I was fortunate enough to get three replies.

Dean Pappas, owner of the pool hall where the authors met, said that their Raven Cafe was completely fictitious and the layout was based on a local pub in Peterborough.

The stories are located in and about Peterborough, Ontario.

J.R. MacLean said that our Raven Cafe looks very interesting and will be sure to visit if he is ever in Port Huron. He also sent a YouTube video of home improvements he did on his home, as his main business is in home improvement. (The lavatory is fantastic!)

J.S. Thompson replied that none of the authors were aware of the cafe here, but he has encountered a Raven Cafe while in Glasgow, Scotland.

Want to know more?

Stop in and read the book for yourself! It has been added to our wonderfully diverse library.

You can also check out an article about the book here.

See you soon!

-Jessica, your Media Specialist



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