The David Bronze Prodigy Scholarship

As many of you know, this past year we lost a dear friend and a member of our musical community.


David Bronze was a talented musician and a wonderful human being that is missed by many.

We were honored to host him in our little nest. Perhaps you were here for the show.

Bronze Raven

The folks behind the Blue Water Music Awards have organized and collected donations to fund the David Bronze Prodigy Scholarship in his memory.

The April goal for funds has been reached, and they’re looking for applicants!

Here are the details on how to nominate your young musician and how to donate to the scholarship from our friend David Whitt:

“Blue Water Music Awards The David Bronze Prodigy Scholarship UPDATE:

The email & Paypal have been set up for The David Bronze Prodigy Scholarship.

This email is how we will be accepting ALL scholarship referrals. This is how we are going to be deciding who will be receiving the scholarships. Here’s the criteria.

Potential recipients must be under the age of 21. (sorry dudes we gotta limit this somehow or we will be inundated across the board) .

Potential recipients must show a passion not only for music but for our community.

Potential recipients who are excelling in school, engaging in civic groups and/or extracurricular art programs will be doubly noted.

Potential recipients who display financial hurdles to creating and producing music will be doubly noted.

We are open to groups/bands, as well as individual artists in any genre.

Potential recipients must reside in or super close by to the St. Clair County/Blue Water Area.


Again, there will be TWO scholarships.

Scholarship A: For music equipment, instruments, lessons and/or the like.

Scholarship B will be for recording time and help in getting promotional items for artists who maybe already have equipment and are working on their music but need some recording time and help in manufacturing merch and product.

This is also the email we will be using for the Paypal account we are using to raise funds at all times. PLEASE NOTE SENDING MONEY FRIENDS & FAMILY IS THE PREFERRED METHOD SO WE AREN’T LOSING $ TO FEES.
I will be posting, probably, weekly the Paypal accounts summaries so everyone can see where their donation is and if/when we use it and what we use it for. THANKS!!”

Also, here is the link to the Facebook page for the scholarship:

Do you know anyone that fits this criteria?

Or perhaps you know people that may know young aspiring musicians that would benefit from this?

Let’s help them out!

-Jessica, your Media Specialist

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