Dear Self: Please Calm Down

You guys.

Last Friday was crazy.

It was one of those days where it felt like all I did was run in circles, getting as little as possible accomplished.

You know how it is when you undertake a big cleaning job, and before you know it you have piles of little cleaning jobs before you can actually tackle the big cleaning job that you’ve initially challenged yourself with?

It was like that, but with activities.

A bit of Raven work here, take a break, a bit of homework there, and in the interim a meeting at the bank where I was actually glad to have to sit and wait to talk to someone because that counted as a break, but at the same time that was taking away from more minutes that I could have been spending on homework.

Sometimes I’m at the library until they kick me out. That was one of those days.

I got things done, but not big things. It was a collection of random small things that did not actually amount to me being able to check any tasks off of my to do list. (I love making lists and checking things off of them. I feel SO accomplished then!)

I think that it was mostly the pace of the day that was frustrating. The whooshing around to try and get a bunch of little things done had a distinct rat race type of vibe.

In between the starting, stopping, picking back up and continuing of Things To Do, I sat with friends here at the Raven. It wasn’t until later in the day when I came back here to try and finish some things up before a coffee date that I finally told myself to calm down.

Any time I am here at the Rave Cave, I have no choice but to calm down. This place just inspires calmness. Even if my mind is whirring at a thousand miles a minute, the rest of me will feel at ease pretty much when I walk in the door. Some days my scattered brain takes a bit longer to get there; on Friday, I had to actually give myself permission to chill out and leave the rest of my To Do list for the next day.

Sometimes, you need a break.

Getting things done is good, but breaks are just as important.


I hope that today you get a chance to chill out, maybe with a friend and a favorite beverage. You deserve it.

-Jessica, your Media Specialist


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