Keep Warm

The scarf pole is up out front!

Scarf Pole

For those not familiar with our yearly tradition, the idea is this: it’s cold out and not everyone out and about downtown has a scarf.

Maybe they left it at home. Perhaps they don’t have any scarves at all. In either case, that’s what this pole is for. If you don’t have a scarf on, feel free to grab one off of this delightfully festive pole!

(But not the one pictured here. This one was graciously donated by Sir Robin Schweihofer for the purpose of this photo op only.)

The scarf pole was started about four years ago. The idea was suggested by a Raven friend and patron, and we’ve been helping to keep the community warm ever since.

This is where you come in.

We would most appreciate donations!

If you find that you have an overabundance of neck warmers, then please feel free to stop by and tie one on! Not only will we appreciate your kind gesture, so too will your chilly recipient.

In conjunction with this, we will be participating in the 12 Deals of Christmas from Salon Pizazz.

Salon Pizazz

Drop off hats and gloves to Salon Pizazz and receive a coupon for $5 off at the Raven!

It’s all about extra clothes and layers, friends.

Winter is coming.

-Jessica, your Media Specialist


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