Miss Carol

There have apparently been some rumors floating around about Carol Mason.

Okay, listen.

She’s not dead.

She’s not in Florida for treatment.

Look, here she is!

Carol B&W
“If I was a building, I’d be the Raven.”

If you have been a regular for years, chances are that Carol has stories about you.

“These are my people!” she tells me that the main reason she stayed at the Raven for so long is because of all of the people she would see every day.

She has watched kids grow up here. Carol remembers a little girl that would regularly come in with her mother for lobster bisque and sundaes that is now a school teacher.  She’s been invited to visit her regulars in hospital rooms and in hospice to say goodbye. She’s had regulars come in and ask for her just to talk when big life events happened.

Carol has even made friends that she actually goes to visit. In their homes.

In a time when happenings on social media seem to pretty much take over real life events and some of us have more “friends” than we can count, I think that’s pretty fantastic.

Carol began her adventure at the Raven about twelve and a half years ago, working “part time”. (This alleged “part time” actually turned out to be a six-day, sixty hour work week! Which went down to a more reasonable forty hours before becoming actual part time.)

Her time as a server has unfortunately ended, per doctor’s orders.

Crafting is her job now.

She crafts such things as hats, bracelets, and sixty-inch lariet necklaces. She was wearing one of the latter today as a kind of choker. It was rather fetching.

She is also the magic behind the chai in our jars.

In fact, you can find a few of her items for sale on our shelves: hats, chai tea mix in pints and quarts, and earrings are currently available.

She loves that she is still included in things and can bring in her crafts to sell.

If you’d like to check out all of her wares, they can be found on her facebook page, Mason Made Crafts.


She loves you all.

She misses her people.

This is her second home and family, and she does not intend to be a stranger.

You’ll still see her around from time to time.

A couple of fun and random facts about Carol:

She recommends the band Hocus Pocus and reading at each other. (Serious business, who doesn’t like being read to?)

She once set her lawnmower on fire. Not on purpose. Ask her about it sometime, it’s a great story.

-Jessica, your Media Specialist




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