New Books!

Fun fact: here at the Raven we love and appreciate book donations.

Recently, these three books were graciously donated by the authors. Signed copies, even!

A big thank you to Wendy Sura Thomson, Andrew Charles Lark, and Donald Levin.

A bit about each book, from the back covers:

Summon the Tiger; A Memoir by Wendy Sura Thomson

Born in the year of the Tiger, Wendy Sura Thomson has often been told she is fearless. She has used that fearlessness to fight for the people and dreams important to her, even against huge odds.

“For a tale of courage and determination in the face of great odds, look no further than Thomson’s memoir.” -J. Niederhoff, San Francisco Book Review

The Third Order by Wendy Sura Thomson

Maggie Fraser met the man of her dreams one day in New York City. She had never been happier – until tragedy struck, sending her into an emotional tailspin. Her recovery was rudely interrupted by her accidental possession of a mysterious and ancient amulet.

“This book is a page-turner, engaging the reader from the first page to the last.” -Deborah Lloyd, Readers’ Favorite

Postcards From the Future by Andrew C. Lark, Donald Levin, and Wendy Sura Thomson

Three innovative authors imagine the end of humanity. Postcards From the Future is the remarkable result.

“[An] excellent collection which is certain to entertain fans of the dystopian and post-apocalyptic genres.” -K.C. Finn, Readers’ Favorite

You can find these books upstairs, residing on the featured shelf at the top of the stairs. Grab one and get lost in a good story while sipping on your delicious beverage of choice.

See you soon.

-Jessica, your Media Specialist