Paranormal Activity at the Raven?

We had some fun guests to kick off this week!


You may have seen the video that was posted Tuesday afternoon from Detroit Rock City Paranormal. That was just a small clip of the investigation that happened after hours here at the Raven on Monday evening.

I had a chance to sit down with the team before the investigation. They love the Raven, and joined us for dinner before getting down to business.

Detroit Rock City Paranormal is made up of nine members with a collective ten years of experience in paranormal investigation: Kellie, Mike, Kim, Jeff, Anastasia, Judy, Kelly, Kristie, and Thomas.

“DRCP is dedicated to helping those who need assistance or answers to possible paranormal activity in their home or establishment. We will work with you to determine what is causing the activity and provide support before, during, and after the investigation. We are currently serving southeastern Michigan, please contact us for your paranormal needs.
Our team continually educate themselves with the proper use of current technology, historical data analysis and our unique abilities to develop reliable techniques when conducting paranormal investigations.
” -Mission Statement.

I met with seven of the members: Mike, Kim, Kristie, Kelly, Kellie, Judy, and Thomas.

What struck me first and foremost was the camaraderie among the group. This was a group of friends genuinely having a good time. Some of the members were already friends before the group formed, but it was an interest in the paranormal that brought them together and formed closer friendships among them. All of the members have followed the path of paranormal investigating for different reasons; personal experiences, a knack for finding things, or just sheer curiosity.

I asked them a few questions, beginning with the most interesting thing that they have seen or heard, on an investigation or otherwise.

Judy was once on a tour of the Royal Oak post office and heard a gunshot. The sound was caught on tape. Later she discovered that a shooting occurred on the premises in the 80s.

During a visit to Mansfield Reformatory in Ohio, the group captured a voice saying “Murdered ’em” on tape.

Kellie’s favorite experience on location also luckily occurred when a recording device was running. She pointed to a painting that had an eagle flying and asked what was in the picture. A voice was clearly heard in real time saying “Bald eagle”. Though disembodied voices are more rare than EVPs, they are known to happen and it is a fortunate occurrence when there is also a camera or recorder going.

Kristie mentioned a visit to a metaphysical shop in Howell. There was a medium present, as well as the spirit of a man that communicated that he needed to cross over. She noticed that there was a certain spot in the room near to them that was freezing. Witnesses saw a black orb rising from the floor to the ceiling, as well as a flashlight turning on as the medium said that the man had crossed over.

When arriving at an investigation, objectivity is key. The team noted that it is important to keep an open mind, but also keep in mind that some stories or claims may be slightly exaggerated. Also, not everything is evil. This is absolutely not the first conclusion that the team jumps to when they witness activity.

After the investigation, the team goes through any evidence that they may have gathered and organizes everything. To establish what pieces of evidence go into the official report, all members get a vote on what they think should be included.

The client is contacted with the final report, and then the group will publish the report on their website.

You can contact them on their website here.

Do you think that the Raven could be haunted?

Some of the staff here have reported first hand late night paranormal experiences, such as lights flickering in the kitchen and hearing bells at the bottom of the stairs. A few people have heard chairs moving around upstairs and heard footsteps coming down the stairs after everyone else had left for the night.

Detroit Rock City Paranormal has posted a few clips of their visit here to their Facebook page! Give them a like and stay tuned to their site to see what the final report will show.


-Jessica, your Media Specialist


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