Singing the Hits!

This Saturday, one of my favorites will be gracing our fabulous little stage!



An excerpt from the bio of this multifaceted performer:

“Konrad Lee, Lounge Singer Extraordinaire, is what you would call the Consummate Performer. He is a Detroit Gem. An acrobatic vocalist. A purveyor of fine Red Roof Inns all across the United States. (He loves the mints found on the pillows.) He is a man of few words, unless there is music playing.

“Konrad Lee was born somewhere in the middle of Detroit, Michigan. A survivor of poor public schooling, at a young age he recognized in himself the ability he possessed as a singer. A male Chanteuse. From about the age of 12 he forged forward into the world of entertainment, bringing joy to crowds from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Juno, Alaska. From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania all the way to Amsterdam and the Netherlands, and back home to Detroit.

“For about three decades he’s been an unstoppable crowd favorite, no matter the crowd.”

I had the chance to sit down with this mysterious song bird and ask him a few questions. I have been lucky enough to catch Konrad here at the Raven and at the Tangent Gallery in Detroit a few times, and I knew my interview subject well enough to come prepared. I brought with me a full Big Gulp cup and did not make direct eye contact when he first approached the table.

His hesitant movements toward the table where I was seated, both awkward and somehow graceful at once, reinforced the “song bird” description and I jotted it down. He approached and left the table three times as I sat quietly scribbling away in my notebook.

He sat and snatched up the Big Gulp cup in one hurried motion with both hands. With a quick nod that I took as both a “thank you” and “get on with it then, please”, he proceeded to drain half of the cup in one go.

I looked up.

“Hey, Konrad.”

He tipped his head to the side with a soft “Hi” before proceeding to fidget with the rings on his fingers. I took this as a positive sign to go ahead.

“So, I thought we might talk a bit about the songs that you’ll be performing here at the Raven on Saturday. How do you narrow down the songs you’d like to do and make a play list?”

Konrad pulled some papers from the pocket of his suit jacket and began shuffling them around. He settled on one and cleared his throat three times.

“Well,” he began, before grabbing the Big Gulp and taking a drink. He cleared his throat a few more times. He mumbles under his breath, describing some of the songs, almost indiscernible. (He’s rather shy.) But I figured it out:

“I pick the ones I like and grew up on and I think others will like. I had some help from my friend, Satori Circus. I think I have three good sets. I hope anyway.”

I believe in you, Konrad Lee.

I know that it will be nothing short of absolutely excellent sets, and a wonderful, magical evening.

I hope that you can join us this Saturday with Konrad Lee Singing the Hits!

Check out his Facebook page, give him a like, and let him know what a wonderful child he must have been.


-Jessica, your Media Specialist

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