tardis-cheesin1Just look at this ridiculous mug.

I look like that dog that just told a punny joke…

However, this is my level of excitement about being your Media Specialist. I LOVE this job. Who wouldn’t? I show up, play with books, and make social media posts to share with you. It’s fun!!

(I mean, there’s more to it than that, but those are the main things. The things that you see most often. The exciting things.)

This is hands-down my favorite place to work. Apart from doing fun things that I like to do anyway, I get to work with friends.

How many people can say that?

I mean, I know that you can become friends with the people you work with and then you’re working with friends, but I already knew most of these guys when I came aboard. This is the first place I have ever worked where:

  1. I don’t require a name tag.
  2. If I did, my given name would weird out my coworkers due to the fact that everyone here calls me by my nickname.

(True story: when my name was written out on an employee introduction post, the “A.K.A” was my real name. I L.O.L’ed.)

Funny thing is, this picture was actually taken back in March when I first noticed the TARDIS door. At that point in my life, I had absolutely no idea that in mere months, this would become the door to my little office.

In March, I was still dealing with being dumped by the Macy’s. Life was slightly terrifying, but kind of exciting and I chose to look at it as an adventure rather than a setback. Had the Doctor (preferably the Tenth Doctor) shown up and said “Get in!”, I would have gladly hopped aboard without so much as a second thought.

I’m not kidding.

(Sorry, Paul. I would have made the Doctor come back for you.)

But here we are and here I am, sitting in the TARDIS and typing away as I listen to people just outside the door enjoying their coffees and sandwiches, having a marvelous time.

Earlier this morning, about one quarter of the upstairs was full of people from out of town. As I buzzed around organizing things, I heard them making plans for their day downtown. They seemed excited about the trolley. They remarked more than once about how amazing the Raven is, and how glad they were that they had decided to stop in. They loved everything that was ordered, and they were not leaving without purchasing postcards, and probably a mug, and most likely a shirt.

What I love the most about this is that a conversation such as the one illustrated above is not an uncommon thing for me to hear while I’m doing my librarian thing. The people having this conversation might not all be from out of state or even out of town, but at least once a day I hear someone exclaim about how amazing this place is and that they’re definitely coming back.

It’s a great thing to overhear.

This is serious business a magical place, and I feel so happy to be a part of it.

If you haven’t been here in a while, stop by. There’s really something for everyone here, including great people to share the experience with.

Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you soon.

-Jessica, your Media Specialist


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