Wednesday Night Movies

Every Wednesday you can find a free movie upstairs at the Raven Cafe. The next 3 months have very distinct themes – can you guess them?

4/4 Super Troopers
4/11 The Big Lebowski
4/18 Friday
4/25 Dazed & Confused

5/2 Cabin in the Woods
5/9 Lost Boys
*5/16 Haunted Blue Water Area
5/23 Zombieland
5/30 Tremors

6/6 Breakfast Club
6/13 St. Elmo’s Fire
6/20 Goonies
6/25 Hairspray

Printable movie schedule to hang above your bed. 

* Mark your calendar!  Mid May we’ll be hosting a “Creep Week” with the following lineup:

Monday, May 14th – Vinyl Mondays (bring your spooky records to spin)
Tuesday, May 15th – TBD
Wednesday, May 16th – Chris Troy’s “Haunted Blue Water Area” Documentary
Thursday, May 17th – Live Music by “The Picassos”
Friday, May 18th – Live Music by “My Drowning Youth”
Saturday, May 19th – Live Music by award-winning classical guitarist William Henry Russell

Featured image by Deviant artist noro8.

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