1517933251746Like her hat, Carol wears her heart from the inside-out.

An unidentified woman seated herself at a table upstairs at Raven Cafe with a friend, positioning herself to look out through the stained glass art at the harbor. She smiled as Carol approached the table. Carol noticed the woman’s scarf, and the adjustments the woman made to keep it secure; she also noticed the coloring and pattern of the woman’s attire, and that of her coat and handbag.


Selecting a hat from the shelf, Carol returned up the stairs after serving their meal. “Here, I want you to have this,” she said, handing the hat to the woman. “It matches your outfit.” The woman reached up to receive the hat. “How did you know?” the woman asked, smiling and shaking her head in disbelief. “Today was my last treatment.” Carol knows a “warrior” when she sees one, and “I just know, and I admire your strength,” Carol said.

Carol Mason has shared the comings and goings at Raven Cafe for over 11 years. One of her greatest gifts is noticing a need and responding from the inside-out, sometimes in cahoots with others. Whether taking time to ask about someone’s well-being, finding a home for a kitten, folding and contributing over one thousand pounds of gently worn clothing to a charitable organization, or tying more winter scarves on the cafe’s pole for others in the community, Carol does whatever she can to share her time and talents.

1517933207649From first dates to new families, from beginnings to brave new adventures, she engages in the life journey of others. Her favorite travels, however, are with her husband, Dean – on a “gypsy trip”  – vacationing in an RV with no destination! She enjoys life remaining a bit of a mystery!

The creator of Mason Made Crafts currently features her acrylic loom knit hats (which can be special ordered in wool if desired), earrings and a Chai Tea Latte mix on the shelves and available for purchase at Raven Cafe, but it’s her sincerity (and the humble smirk, which may indicate she’s up to something) that you’ll treasure most at your table.

We love how she wears her hat!

Story submitted by

SK Mabry, Raven Media Specialist


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