What do you call a group of ravens?


Our t-shirts feature collective nouns that describe a group of Ravens. There are four, and they change depending on the the group of ravens’ activities.

    • CONSPIRACY: When it comes to intelligence, these birds are in the same league as chimpanzees and dolphins. People imagine that if any species were capable of such dark collaboration, it would be them.
    • CONSTABLE: This refers to the group of ravens often seen flying around the Tower of London. Historically they were thought to be watching over the monarchy in residence there.
    • UNKINDNESS: Ravens are clever and very adaptable. While they mostly feed on carrion, occasionally they will team up to hunt live prey. As you can imagine, it’s a gruesome sight to see.
    • STORYTELLING: Ravens disseminate information to others in their group. For example, scientists have found that if they assist or are friendly to an individual raven, the other ravens in their group become friendlier towards that member.

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