What do you call a group of ravens?


Our t-shirts feature collective nouns that describe a group of Ravens. There are four, and they change depending on the the group of ravens’ activities.

    • CONSPIRACY: When it comes to intelligence, these birds are in the same league as chimpanzees and dolphins. People imagine that if any species were capable of such dark collaboration, it would be them.
    • CONSTABLE: This refers to the group of ravens often seen flying around the Tower of London. Historically they were thought to be watching over the monarchy in residence there.
    • UNKINDNESS: Ravens are clever and very adaptable. While they mostly feed on carrion, occasionally they will team up to hunt live prey. As you can imagine, it’s a gruesome sight to see.
    • STORYTELLING: Ravens disseminate information to others in their group. For example, scientists have found that if they assist or are friendly to an individual raven, the other ravens in their group become friendlier towards that member.

These threads are $17 when purchased at the Raven. They’ll also be available online via CafePress.

Big, Black & Beautiful

wingburn_lgWhat could be more Ravenesque than giant black wings? Absolutely nothing.

I was watching one of my favorite serials called Supernatural, and an epic battle culminated in an angel dying, which burned giant beautifully macabre black wings on the concrete where he lay. I instantly started plotting how and when I’d reproduce them. The idea was perfect for three reasons:

  1. As an artist, they took my breath way.
  2.  As the owner of the Raven, a big black bird, they made sense.
  3. The best way to photograph the reenaction of the scene is from above, with the subject lying down. The Raven has a second-floor balcony that’s the perfect vantage point.

The opportunity arose when my dear friend and community activist Deidre Murch was raising money to build a school in Nicaragua with non-profit outfit Random Acts, headed by Misha Collins, an actor we both have an affinity for, who plays an angel on Supernatural. All of a sudden I had a good cause to make beautiful art! So, coming up in this month I’ll be creating giant black wings in the alley behind the Raven (weather permitting). I’ll be announcing the date one week in advance. Supernatural fans, cosplayers and folks who just really want a unique photo are invited to come get their photo taken with them.

We’ll have a donation jar available to help Deidre get to Nicaragua. Stay tuned to Raven Cafe’s website, Facebook and/or Twitter for the announcement of the date!

Want to hear a secret?

19875953_10211705713711439_179934846_oDid you know Raven patrons have been sharing secrets for years in shared journals, as well as leaving notes in our coffee tables to the point of overflowing?

It was so bad I was forced to clean out the drawers, but what to do with all the beautiful artwork, thoughtful quotes and scintillating secrets? These days immortality can be achieved digitally, so in an effort to preserve the crumpled napkins we’ve started an album called “Coffee Table Tales” via Facebook. We post a few every week- enjoy!

Weekly Blends

cardsLgSomeone brave once said, “Variety is the spice of life.”

With this in mind, we’ve decided to start offering a weekly blend of the other heavenly Raven’s Brew flavors. In addition to our daily Deadman’s Reach and Resurrection Blend offerings, each week we’ll feature one of the following:

  • Wicked Wolf
  • Dharma Beans
  • Grin and Bear It Bruin Blend
  • Skookum
  • Three-Peckered Billy Goat.

All of these beans are available for purchase in our gift corner. Don’t like change, you say? “Try them, try them and you may!” Sound advice from Sam I Am in “Green Eggs & Ham”…can you tell I’m a mom? So, in the spirit of being an organized efficient mother, the blend of the week and their detailed descriptions are posted on our calendar. Peruse, plot, plan and come sip something new!

In The Know…

fce27a5e-ab57-4767-bae7-52099f8112c4Arnold Schwarzenegger says it best: “Get to the calenda! DO IT NOW!”

In an effort to keep our patrons informed about all the awesome things we have going on the following items will be posted on our website calendar:

  • Weekly Coffee Blend
  • $2 Happy Hour Special
  • Flavor of the Week
  • Live Entertainment (Music, Trivia & Movie)

When in doubt, check it out! If you use Gmail you can even add this calendar to yours by clicking the “+ Google Calendar” link in the lower right-hand corner! Me calendario, su calendario!

Here’s that link one more time! https://ravencafeph.com/calendar/ 


Raven Community

peanutI’m a sucker for a good animal rescue story, and while watching a particularly touching one recently via social media, I wondered if such an entity existed in Port Huron. After some digging, I found S&R Animal Rescue, a no-kill nonprofit organization of dog lovers whose mission is to provide sanctuary and ultimately re-home surrendered dogs.

Sadaat, myself and the rest of the Raven Café endeavor to improve the lives of our neighbors in our community, even the four-legged ones. In an effort to help them, we’ll be featuring a dog they have available for adoption at the bottom of each weekly e-newsletter.

The image featured is a powerful picture of a man and his dog taken 15 years apart- same man, same dog. Owning a pet is a lifetime duty. If this is not what you had in mind, re-consider getting a pet.

(Image courtesy of the Ramona Humane Society in San Jacinto, CA)

Grounds For Your Garden

Taking a queue from our corporate brethren, a particularly Eco-conscious staff member suggested we start offering up our used coffee grounds to gardeners/composters- we love this idea! They’re free and available in our front foyer.

Raven’s Brew Spotlight: Raven Café

spotlightInspired by the work of Edgar Allen Poe, in particular the poem “The Raven,” the café serves Raven’s Brew Coffee® because not only is it a superior product to other ones we could carry, but it happens to share the same name as us. It’s Kismet! We’ve turned many people onto the gourmet coffee that is Raven’s Brew; our regulars that drink the Deadman’s Reach® are fiercely loyal and will turn their noses up at anything else… Read More @ Raven’s Brew’s Website

Monthly Sushi Sunday


Thank you to everyone who were daring enough to be my test subjects for the Sushi Menu at our Grand Re-Opening. Because of the popularity of the sushi menu (and a healthy amount of people who are bummed because they missed it), I am happy to announce that we will be serving sushi at the Raven once a month, on the last Sunday of every month, starting in March. The next Raven Sushi Night will be from 6-9pm on Sunday, March 29th. Thanks again!”

Photo by Missy Campau

A Book Lover’s Fix

With all the work being doing to the Raven library, I’ve been asked more than a few times if I plan to create checkout system. Short answer: No.

As a restaurant, our primary focus is to get folks their fare and drinks in a fast, friendly and efficient way.

Therefore, we are going to try an idea suggested by one of our staff. An area upstairs will be designated where folks can store books they are in the process of reading. For a quarter, patrons can purchase a special bookmark to keep their place, and it will be a signal to other patrons and staff that the book is in use.

This privilege will belong to our regulars. As you can see on the bookmark, patrons must come in at minimum once a month and date their bookmark as they read their book. If more than a month passes, we’ll reshelf the book and store their bookmark.

To keep the library neat and somewhat organized we’ve hired Irene Ratajczak-Smith, student at Port Huron Northern, to manage the library.

The books are on the shelves for you, our regular patrons, to enjoy, so start enjoying them today and never lose your place in our place!