I’d like to introduce you to our brand new bookkeeper, Ms. Lee Ann Hillis… Oh, you feel like you already know her? That’s probably because she’s been an unofficial Raven family member for some time now. Let me tell you of all the ways:

  • She’s an avid Raven goer, stopping in a couple times a week to get herself a French Press Yerba Mate… with honey, please.
  • She has occasionally night cleaned with me (she’s a glass master).
  • Periodically she helps me change out the art (along with her Sasquatch named Warren).
  • She’s created many of the stained glass ornaments you see adorning our mirrors and windows (including the CLUE panels upstairs).
  • She’s the artist responsible for the Port Huron map art piece (prints are $10).

When I asked Lee Ann what motivated her to come work at the Raven, she said she’s been plotting and scheming for some time now. She has oodles of managerial experience, and wanted to find a way to utilize those skills here at the Raven. Particularly she said she was looking forward to working with the staff, as she’s always been drawn to the artsy-fartsy types.

I dutifully confessed, us creative types are often “paperwork misplacers”, but I think she’s up to the task for whipping us into shape. She’s a mom of two boys who are now off ‘adulting’ in the big wide world.

Lee Ann is a professed “paperwork lover”, which are as rare as unicorns (I thought they only existed in office fairy tales). She confided in me that she’s run out of things to organize at home, and is excited to play with files and folders at the Raven.

When she’s not untangling our paperwork, Lee Ann loves to hike in the woods, read historical fiction (set in Ireland), watch frothy rom-coms, create with stained glass, frequent concerts and music festivals and play with her beautiful granddaughter Amoni.

Lee Ann will mostly be posted up in the office, but if you see her, make sure to welcome her to the Raven fold- officially!

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