Dare I say, “Gail” force winds?!

You probably don’t know Gail MacBeth, but she has been an integral behind-the-scenes player at the Raven who’s been with the company since its inception in 2002… that’s right, she has been with the Raven for almost 20 years! She even survived the Jerry days (bless her patient soul).

Gail MacBeth, Keeper of the Books, has been in charge of the paperwork chaos that comes along with owning a business- no small feat, to be sure. She pays the staff, pays the vendors, balances the books, organizes the taxes, finds the receipts, issues threats of pain upon death if you don’t turn in your receipts (okay, I’m exaggerating slightly about that last one) but the truth is that she’s been the bell ringer of the Raven- our proverbial Quasimodo of the clocktower (without the hunchback). She has kept everything running on schedule and everyone in line here at the Raven for a long time.

Now she’s retiring from her role at the Raven and spending time with her grandbabies and exerting “Gail” force winds to the passions of her life, such as taking care of her palatial riverside estate and visiting her daughter in the upper peninsula with her husband Ken (who has also been quite the mensch for setting up the Raven’s phone system and handling all things telecommunication for the restaurant).

We wish her all the best on her future endeavors, and we hope she’ll come back often to check up on us and make sure we’re staying in line and turning in all of our paperwork.

We love you, Gail!

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