They’re hotter than our coffee!

Can I order your chai? Yes! For a limited time we’ll be shipping it to the 48 contiguous states. ORDER HERE! It’s also available for takeout, curbside or delivery.

How do I order online? I despise talking on the phone! We understand. Even with all this isolation, phone calls can be painful. We have a HANDY-DANDY APP that you can order from. Psst… please don’t forget tip our front-line workers.

I crave human connection, can I still call and place my order? Of course you can! Call us at 810-984-4330. We’ll take your order.

Where can I find your menus online? We have PDF MENUS available for you to peruse at your leisure. Please be a deer, and when you’re done prancing around the forest (pics or it didn’t happen), get your order ready before you call- we’ve been BUSY! Direct links: FOOD MENU & BEVERAGE MENU

Do you ship your bagged coffee? No. All of our Raven’s Brew blends can be ordered direct from RAVEN’S BREW (they have better deals on shipping than we can offer anyhow.) Our exclusive blend, the Rook’s Parlour Roast, can only be purchased via takeout, curbside or delivery, and you’ll have to call us and let us know how you want it ground – 810-984-4330

I’m naked and in desperate need of Raven apparel. Can I order online? Yes! All of our designs (new, old & retired) are available on our REDBUBBLE store.

What about your awesome mugs and tumblers? How can I get my hand on one of those? Once again, REDBUBBLE has lots of Raven mugs, tumblers and accessories for your purchasing pleasure. If you are local, you are welcome to utilize our pickup window or curbside service and purchase one. The styles we have available are on display within view of the pickup window. Just let the barista know which one you’d like and they’ll wrap it up for you.

Are you open for dine-in service? No. That’s literally against the law right now. As soon as we get the word from Big Gretch we will let you know, via our FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and TWITTER. We are anxiously awaiting the news as well.

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