How’s things?

Jessica, your Raven librarian here. I’m back at the Bird after a bit of a hiatus. Glad to be here! My job involved social distancing before social distancing was cool, sitting up in the TARDIS and tapping away at the keyboard.

We miss all of you around this place. The buzz of our friends in and out of the cafe, all of the stories and updates. It’s nice to be back and doing work things, but it’s definitely different without all of you here.

As you know, we are still open for takeaway and delivery. You’ve been keeping our skeleton crew hopping with your orders!

Thank you so much for your patience while we figure out this new way of getting you your delicious drinks and sammys. There may be hold times when you call on the phone and wait times for deliveries, but you have been understanding and that is greatly appreciated.

Our small but mighty crew has been busting their buns to get your favorite foods and drinks to you as quickly as humanly possible.

We’re all figuring this out together, and we thank you.

We hope to be able to get together soon. Until then, we will keep bringing the deliciousness of the Raven Cafe to you!

Be safe, stay well.

Jessica, your Media Specialist

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