Is it possible to kindly ask people to not put graffiti in your bathroom? As soon as we ask, won’t the rebel inside of you rise up and make you want to pull out your Sharpie that much more?

Why do we put graffiti in bathrooms anyway?

With the advent of social media, we already have a vehicle to:

  • profess our love
  • put someone on blast
  • write poems
  • share quotes
  • swear like a sailor
  • doodle
  • repeatedly post nonsense words, such as “YEET”

At the risk of riling the rebel, we at the Raven kindly ask those on the throne to abstain from puting graffiti on our freshly painted walls. We appreciate that you want to express yourself, especially considering that we encourage nonconformity in many of our endeavors, but graffiti is a slippery slope, and while some of it is cute and funny, it often devolves into the realm of raunch and profanity. There are families with children who use our bathrooms.

To appease your need to scribble after you urinate and/or defecate we have installed journals and sketchbooks just outside the stall for you to use. When they’re full we will add them to our library upstairs. You’ll live on in infamy…

After all, isn’t infamy what you strive for by scrawling on the wall? Now it’s a win-win situation.

Forever more,
Raven Café

P.S. Kindly wash your hands before writing in our books. You know coronavírus is coming to town.

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