New Activities!

New year, who dis?

We are ready for new activities and inspiring creativity!

You may have noticed some fun new things to do on our featured shelves upstairs.

In the kids section, we have supplies set out to make fingerprint art. (Don’t worry, parents. Wipes have thoughtfully been included with the supplies, because sometimes art gets messy. And it should.)

Feel free to take your masterpieces home, or leave them here for temporary display.

At the featured shelf by the couches, you will find more activities!

This month we have an A to Z list of happiness from the Creative Space Journal by Lucy Irving and two spells focused on attracting positivity from The Daily Spell Journal by Patti Wigington.

There are also instructions on how to use playing cards for the art of love divination, though sometimes said playing cards migrate. If that happens, a deck of cards can always be found in the game corner.

This section will change periodically, so keep a weather eye out for which spells and affirmations are currently featured here. Right now we have a maze spell to meet new people and a blank check spell to attract prosperity.

We have also gotten some new activity books in recently.

We hope to help keep you inspired throughout these frigid months. Come in, warm up, and get creative with us.

See you soon!

-Jessica, your Media Specialist

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