This Is Halloween

I almost put off coming in to work today.

This is the dangerous part about being able to set your own hours; if you get distracted easily or are prone to procrastination, you’re in for a rough time at the end of the week trying to cram everything in.

I was not feeling well enough to pop in on Wednesday, and was toying with the idea of not coming in today because it’s a holiday.

Then I paused and looked at that thought again.

Are you kidding me??

It’s the Raven.

On Halloween!

What better place to be on Halloween?

I headed here right after class this afternoon, and was not disappointed. It’s like a party in here! About half of our guests are in costumes, and there’s a Halloween playlist going. There’s a vibe of festive excitement in the Raven this afternoon, and I’m definitely digging it.

This evening, you can treat your earholes to some spooky live music!

Pancho Villa’s Skull has been described as “traditional mariachi music with punk rock snarl and attitude”, and the Picassos are a blend of “spooky folk, seance polka, and horror punk”.



You never know who you’re going to run into at the Raven, particularly on All Hallow’s Eve.


Come and celebrate with us!

See you soon.

-Jessica, your Media Specialist

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