Bird Art, Out and About

Did you get a chance to stop in at the Art Studio 1219 Hands On Art event this past Saturday?

It was a wonderful time!

Perhaps you made a piece of raven art with the help of these lovely volunteers?

Raven Art 1

I made one myself, and let me tell you: navigating around those feathers with safety scissors took me back. I utilized the extra time spent cutting as a meditation on patience, and listened to the excited conversations around me.

There was so much art to see, and so many activities to participate in!

The Raven table alone had several artistic options, and it was wonderful to watch kids and adults alike deviate from the examples and create their own unique pieces. It was like watching magic happen in real time.

Raven Art 2

If you haven’t had the chance to go yet, Art Studio 1219 is located just down the street from our beloved coffee house.

You can visit their gallery and take in all of the art on display, and each month there is a new exhibit to see. There are also classes available so that you can create your own art.

Did you attend the free family event and make a raven piece? Feel free to share your works of art to our social media pages! We would love to see them.

-Jessica, your Media Specialist

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