“It Feels Like Home Here”

So, this past week I have been sorting through the Raven Review cards.

Along with the Mad Libbed service review, some people add art on the back. Some use the cards to keep track of game scores. Some people just straight up Mad Lib and it gets weird.

My favorite by far are the cards that have genuine reviews, comments, and suggestions scrawled on the back.

I’m not all the way though the stack yet, but thus far the response has been pretty unanimously positive.

Love for the drinks, the food, the kind and helpful staff, and most definitely the atmosphere within these walls. The art, the books, the live music. The people you meet up with here, the people that you run into when you get here.

Everything that makes up the general Ravenness.

You guys have so much love for this place, and I love that.

Keep those comments coming!

I plan to share them with all of you in weekly posts, spotlighting spectacular servers and how you feel about your visit with us.



You know where the comment cards are, I’m sure.

You know what to do with them.

Know where they go when you’re done?

There’s a handy little mailbox at the bottom of the stairs that looks something like this:

review box

Let us know how we’re doing, and keep an eye on our social media pages.

Your review might get posted!

Thanks for telling us what you think.

-Jessica, your Media Specialist

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