Meet Digger

If you are a Raven regular, it’s likely that there are some faces around here that are familiar to you.

You may not be as familiar with our kitchen staff.

This is Digger.

Digger 1

He makes your breakfast during the week.

Digger has been here since 2005, and he loves this place.

Prior to working his Kitchen Wizardry at the Raven, he held down quite a few different jobs, including the areas of construction, plumbing, painting, and working in a butcher shop.

Digger was born and raised in Ohio and is an army veteran.

He lived in Texas for awhile, and while working down there would collect artifacts along the beach. Some were from the 1900s, and were turned over to the historical society to be displayed in museums. Such treasures included swords and Native American artifacts, as well as a boomerang that may or may not still be in his possession.

His favorite thing about being here is all of the people he meets, staff as well as fun regulars. He remembers particulars and special orders from repeat customers. Most days, he can tell who’s here just by looking at an order that comes back into the kitchen.

To him, our regulars are not just customers. He considers them family.

Here at the Raven Digger feels like he’s in his own kitchen, “cooking for the boys”.  He’s always on the look out for that “yum factor”. If you see him peeking out from the kitchen, chances are he’s checking to make sure that everyone is enjoying their food. He likes to see people happy, particularly when it comes to something he’s crafted in the kitchen.

He also cooks a lot at home, and coming from a big family finds that he often cooks in large portions. (Seriously, who among us can control themselves when it comes to making spaghetti?)

His favorite item on the menu is the Pit & Pendulum Grilled Reuben, and definitely recommends the sauerkraut over the coleslaw on that bad lad.

I asked Digger if he has a favorite quote, and this is what he had:

“Patience is a virtue, possess it if you can.

Always in a woman, never in a man.

So I always do my best to make my family proud.

Try to have more patience than my mother would allow.”

He says that the beginning of this quote came from his mother.

He also had this to say about mothers, patience, and tenacity: “When your mother uses your middle name, head for the trees. But that doesn’t do any good, because she can climb too!”

Did you know that Digger once made up a jingle about the Raven?

You should ask him about it some time.

Digger 2

-Jessica, your Media Specialist


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