A Family Thing

As I was heading upstairs today to the TARDIS to commence Media Person type duties, I noticed our fearless leader waiting on a table, a little Eloise on his hip as he took an order. I overheard him explaining to the customer that this is a family business.

Raven Fam

I think that said customer may have been slightly confused and thought that Sadaat had just wandered over with a kid attached to him to start a conversation.

No, that’s just how things are done around here.

There aren’t so many hard lines defining job descriptions. The owner of the joint is behind the bar Friday mornings, slinging drinks and witty banter, striking up conversations that are generally based on random remarks that you weren’t even aware that anyone else heard you say. And sometimes he has a toddler attached to him and Judah trailing him spouting computer facts.

(Today I learned what “HTML” stands for.)

Judah's Jams

In fact, it’s not at all uncommon to see a whole herd of children hanging out around the bar or at one of the corner tables. Because this is most definitely a family business. Not just on account of a family owns and operates it, but because the people who spend most of their waking hours here are like family.

This includes the kids.

They play together like siblings, squabbling over toys and being themselves with each other. Kids are more apt to do this anyway in general, I know. That’s one of the best things about kids; they’re brutally honest. But their familiarity with each other speaks volumes.

Weezy & Eli

This is definitely a family business.

The kids love it here just as much as we do.


If you have minions, absolutely feel free to bring them along.

I’m sure that you already do.

Everyone is welcome here.

-Jessica, your Media Specialist



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