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The Raven Café is all about showcasing local talent and creative spirits, from music to art to food to books. We are proud to present a diverse group of Michigan authors at our first-ever book signing event this August 1st. Each bring their own unique style and genre and would love to share their work with you. Come hang out for a meet-n-greet and get your own signed copy!

Here are some introductions of our amazing authors and their featured works:

Gretchen with BooksGretchen Bassier / Various Books

A short story and nonfiction author with stories appearing in several Chicken Soup for the Soul books (The Cat Did What?, The Dog Did What?, The Cat Really Did That?, Thanks to My Mom, and My Kind (of) America), as well as the following magazines and anthologies: Alternate Hilarities 3: Hysterical Realms (fantasy/humor), Trysts of Fate (dark paranormal romance), Bloodbond (vampires/shapeshifters), Triskaidekaphilia Book Three: Transformed (shapeshifter romance) and more.

Peggy Christie / The VesselHeadShotFuzzyEars

About her book: Nora is an average woman in an average job with an average life. She senses that she is destined for more. Nora has no idea how right she is. A group of rogue Chinese vampires target Nora who, according to a centuries-old myth, is the embodiment of the collective energies of all the souls that have ever or will ever exist. For the vampire who can possess her life force that is infinite power. For Nora? Death. For the world? Oblivion. Nora is forced to trust another sect of these vampires in order to stop the evil that will destroy all life as we know it.

Cnv0050R. R. Ennis / The Unexpected: Tales of Lust, Love & Longing

The synopsis for my book The Unexpected: a collection of nineteen tales about characters whose personal desires and notions of romantic fulfillment take them on journeys of self-discovery, often leading to unforeseen outcomes.

Cheryl L. Morgan / OTTISSIPPI THE TRUTH about GREAT LAKES INDIAN HISTORY and the Gateway to the Westche

The sweeping history of the Ojibwa and Three Fires People of Michigan! The indigenous Anishnabe – original men and the many tribes connected to the Great Lakes. The truth that has been scattered and hidden, inaccessible, due to time, complexity and name changes of people, places, and governments. The great unknown, what we never learned about Indian history! No accessible, you can know the truth in one volume!

37185181_10211980629294320_3560671490615541760_nJordan E. Morrow / Nature of the Machine: a short story encoded within poetry

“Nature of the Machine: a short story encoded within poetry” is an exploration of hauntingly beautiful words that gives readers a chance to read poetry through the stanzas of someone living with mental illness, the dysfunction it can be to relationships, and both the bitter and fragile moments caused by its mechanical nature.

Sally Sulfaro / Abe SulfaroDSCN4989-token-abe

Detroit rock musician, author, and poet Abe Sulfaro died in 2014 during final edits on his novel The Antiheroes: Treatise of a Lost Soul, a dark, gritty ode to the author’s beloved Detroit and all things Goth.  Abe’s family has published his work posthumously including a compilation of his quotes, poems, and song lyrics titled Memoirs de Nocturne: An Anthology.  His mother Sally has written Co-eternals: A Story of Entangled Consciousness, a tale that begins with the death of Fade, the main character in Abe’s The Antiheroes, mixing historical fact with fiction, bridging centuries, and jumping continents. 

Vic Amato / “Incoming”

signing-ft-g.jpgVic Amato holds a Ph.D. in political science/public administration from Wayne State University, Detroit. He is a former journalist, mental health services administrator, and college instructor and he served with the Third Infantry Division. He and his wife Susan live in Port Huron, Michigan. He holds awards such as the iUniverse Editor’s Choice 2015, was seen in New York Review of Books, and has a very positive Clarion review, which was picked up by Forward Reviews.

If you’d like to check out the books before the event, we do have some for sale on the first shelf you see upstairs. All of us at the Raven and all of our authors are so excited to share this first-time event with you!


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