You’ve Got Mail!



This is my final farewell, but we don’t want it to be yours.

Please fill out a comment before you leave, or address the back and add a stamp to mail it after you leave. Either way, we love to hear from you each and every time. Our servers look forward to the cards coming in! We’ve tried to keep your review experience as engaging and painless as possible by making it a word-game to fill out each time you visit.


Be creative. Consider adding an extra comment, quote, or artwork on the back of the card and it may be featured in our coffee table tales on Facebook, posted on Twitter or Instagram, randomly displayed somewhere in the cafe for others to enjoy, or used as an inspiration for our newsletter. Be sure to follow us on social media and sign up for the newsletter!

Every comment card is read by one of the owners. Questions, concerns, and suggestions are discussed with the staff and more importantly, we love to periodically tabulate the cards and let each member of the Raven Cafe family know how many times they’ve received kudos for a job well-done, or if they have been recognized for going above and beyond to provide an exceptional experience.

This will be my final post from the Tardis before relocating to Charleston, South Carolina near family. Though my stay has been unexpectedly brief, I will forever treasure the opportunity I have had to engage with inspiring people, artists, musicians, authors, performers, coworkers, patrons, and those in the community who embrace Raven Cafe’s diversity and my personal belief that “All are Welcome.” I was just getting comfortable in my own skin.


Thank you to JP, Sadaat and Alyssa for your acceptance, your patience, your confidence in me, your encouragement, your guidance, your challenges, and your inspiration. Mornings won’t be the same without Mike and Kristin. Thank you Mar, Carol, Digger, and Tasha for your willingness to engage in my unconventional ways of discovering how wonderful you are. And Todd, well “meh”; I forgive you.

I know I’ve forgotten a few, but I’ll never forget the experiences (or Linda’s gluten free treats). Each and every one of you are part of the experience.  Thank you.

All the best.

Yours truly,
SK Mabry
Media Specialist
Raven Cafe “Nevermore”


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