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On any given Thursday, you may have the pleasure of meeting Cathy, Susan, Julie, Helen, Diane (pictured above, left to right) or any of the approximately 12 members of the Hillside Wesleyan Church small group at Table 6. They regularly meet at Raven Café  and like to begin with sharing a joke to brighten their day followed by reflection and fellowship. “We’re a support network for each other,” Susan said describing how important the group is to them before reading the daily meditation. The group has been meeting at the cafe for over twelve years.

“It’s amazing how often the theme is similar to something I’ve read elsewhere earlier in the week. It makes me feel  like it’s a message specifically directed at me when that happens,” Helen commented afterwards.

Carol Mason, server at Raven Café, enjoys serving this dedicated group of well wishers each week who graciously share their smiles, along with their sincere pleasure in meeting others. “They’ll add your name to their book of prayerful intentions if you’d like. I’m not a believer in any organized religion, but they offer to keep me in their thoughts and prayers if they know I’m experiencing a difficult day or facing a major decision, or even if I’m just excited about something, and I’m a cool with that. They’re cool,” Carol said with a nod and a smile.

I was welcomed at their table. I felt the sincere appreciation they had for their shared time with each other. Before I left, they asked a bit about me. I shared news of my pending home sale, eventual plans for relocation to South Carolina, and bittersweet feelings about eventually leaving Raven Café where such wonderfully diverse groups of people gather. They provided affirmation and asked to add me to their prayer book. I accepted. I don’t think a little extra prayer will hurt me, and if it can fly me safely to the two cute little faces I call, “My Silly Gooses” waiting for me in South Carolina faster, all the better.  ( And yes, I know the plural of goose is not gooses, but that’s just the way that I am.)  1526653719977.jpg

If you have a group who would like to reserve a table or the entire upstairs for a gathering perhaps, contact us ahead of time to make arrangements and we’ll put the sign out!

Yours truly,

SK Mabry

Media Specialist, Raven Café

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