Dark Arts… Poe Would Be Proud

Photo Credit: Karleigh Martin

Nature beckons patrons to the lowest recesses of the Raven Café, where the ever-changing chalkboard art of Mar Page enhances the lavatory. Admiring the unique sounds of low music and bands like Harley Poe, Horror Funk Punk, they display an unexpectedly upbeat, “almost comic style” in their own words as an artist, despite their frequent use of garbage animals and dark themes. Their Ghoulish Garbage art was recently featured at the 2017 Art Hop in Downtown Port Huron and select pieces, including unique graphic patches for $3 each, are still available at the cafe, where Page has been a cook for two years.

Many of Page’s flyers include renditions of opossums, and when the world’s tensions sporadically overwhelm them, they likewise retract until they release their emotions in the creation of their art. When Page is not creating graphic or culinary art or attending shows, they may be found cuddling with their six adorable rats, two felines, and a friendly tarantula. When asked if there was anything they would tell their twelve-year-old self, Page responded, “Don’t doubt yourself. You’ll get somewhere you didn’t expect to be,” expressing their path to becoming a member of the Raven Cafe family, as their gothic eyes smile.

Page keeps their prices reasonable, including their work they do as a graphic artist, designing show flyers, band art, shirt designs, album art, and other promotional materials for Mid-Michigan musicians. Their graphic designs are viewable on Facebook @hxrrorgrrl

Story by SK Mabry, Raven Media Specialist

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