Feature Shelves

Feature shelves are relatively new here to the Raven and most people don’t know much about them, so we are always trying to find fun and creative ways to grab our customers’ attention.
You can tell whether a shelf is a feature shelf if they have a colorful backboard (as opposed to the exposed brick of our facility). Currently we have three shelves: Women’s Empowerment (red shelf), Blind Date with a Book (blue shelf), and Animal Lovers (green shelf.)
On the Women’s Empowerment shelf, we are featuring the Raven’s Women’s Rights Campaign, replete with beautiful art from some of our very talented female Raven family (more on that can be found here). Along with an array of books authored by influential women such as Maya Angelo you’ll find other Women’s Empowerment material, such as books of poetry to help combat and spread awareness on violence against women.
The Animal Lovers shelf is filled with memoirs, informational material, fiction and much more based around all animals. From creepy crawlers to poodle pups, if you’re an animal fanatic you will surely appreciate this shelf!
The third is the Blind Date with a Book shelf, chock full of unknown books wrapped in plain brown paper, ready for daring patrons to scoop them up and enter an adventure! New books are added regularly and ready for a new home.
These shelves change periodically, so if any of these pique your interest be sure to make an appearance before they change!


– K. Jones

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