Bon Voyage to a Wonderful Girl


Once upon a time there was an aunt, and she loved a little girl. Everyday the girl would come to work the Raven Café, take orders, make drinks, chat with the patrons and make them feel welcome. As time went by, the girl grew older. “I am too restless to stay in Port Huron,” said the girl. “I want to travel and explore.”

When something saddens me greatly, I can’t find my own words to express my feelings, so I use someone else’s. Today I quote a modified passage from the classic children’s book about growing up and moving on, The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.

In 2013, my niece Brittiany White came to work at the Raven as a server. Sadaat and I were nervous about hiring family and told her that because of our relationship she’d always be held to a higher standard. She never let us down. She became an exemplary server and model employee, whose co-workers loved her almost as much as our patrons and her regulars. Brittiany is sweet, kind and loves people for exactly who they are, flaws and all. She finds people’s quirks endearing and has endless patience for those in need of a non-judgmental listening ear.

In a week’s time she heads to Tampa, FL to try something new. Brittiany will be nannying for my eldest niece Andrea’s new baby, Olivia Grace. The position is part-time, so she’s planning to get a second job in the service industry where she hopes to meet some new friends half as awesome as those she found at the Raven.

Brittiany has held a special place in my life from the day she was born. She was a bright light during the dark trials and tribulations that are a girl’s teenage years. While I’m excited for her to venture out into our big wide world, I’m going to miss her, as I imagine many of her friends, co-workers and regulars will too.

If you are as big of a fan of this girl as I am and want to see her once more before she goes, her last shift will be Monday, April 24th from 3:00 p.m. to close.

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