Women’s Rights Artful Campaign

(R to L): Jody Parmann, Kristen DeWitte, Samantha Damon and Marissa Page.
About two months ago I was contacted by a patron inquiring if we’d be interested in doing a postcard campaign as part of the “Women’s March: 10 Actions/100 Days”. I thought it sounded like a fantastic idea, as I’ve personally been troubled with recent proposed and passed legislation that infringes on women’s rights.

Wanting to put a personal spin on it, I solicited some art from a few talented staff members. The Raven seems to attract the creative sort, and we have artists, musicians and crafty folks coming out of the woodwork (see what I did there?). The only direction I gave them when commissioning the pieces was “women empowerment”, and they did not disappoint! The pieces vary in style, medium and message.

Monday, April 10th was our official kick off and let me just say, wow! The response has been overwhelming (in good ways and bad). The very first day a gentleman came in and donated $40 to the cause while speaking fondly of his daughter. Just this morning I witnessed two gentleman filling out postcards! I’m humbled by the fact that men are involved and passionate about the cause. Being a feminist means “equality for all”, and I imagine these men possibly have mothers, sisters, and/or daughters that have had a positive influence in their lives. Who wouldn’t want get behind the idea of “women’s rights”, right?

Well… there have been some naysaysers online, so I want to be very clear with this campaign’s intention: it is to give a voice to those who have concerns. The postcards are blank and can be personalized in a way that is meaningful to the author. Personally, and ESPECIALLY as a business, we understand that we all walk our own paths, and we would not be so discourteous as to insist that you follow ours. The campaign is to provide a vehicle for folks who choose to voice their opinions, be they on the left, right, in the middle, up, down, sideways, or any other orientation.

Art prints are displayed on the first level and 11×17″ prints are available for purchase (half of the proceeds go to the artist and half goes to pay for printing and postage for the campaign). Because there have been a lot of inquiries, we are also selling the postcards for $3 each. They are FREE for those interested in filling one out and leaving them in the mailbox we have stationed downstairs. The Raven will take care of the postage and put them in the mail for you.

If you are not local but interested in purchasing a print or postcards, do have them available on our Cafe Press page.

Jody Parmann

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