#celebratestrange CONTEST

We are at a time in our history when “the establishment” would like to see us living a cookie-cutter life, in a vanilla relationship with perfectly behaved gingerbread children. However, life doesn’t look like this for most of us and that in itself is cause for celebration. For those who have creativity oozing from every pore, who live an authentic life brave enough to let your freak flag fly, we salute, thank and celebrate you. You are in-the-flesh art. You decorate our world with your uniqueness and make it interesting.

So. We want to know: how do you Christmas? We want see and share all the unique ideas and traditions you bring to the holiday because, at the Raven Cafe in Port Huron, Michigan, we do things a little differently.

Considering that Poe is our inspiration, we try to add some darkness to the red and sparkly mess that is Christmas.

From now until December 17th we’ll be looking for your photo or video submissions with #celebratestrange posted to our Facebook page or #celebratestrange @ravencafeph on Twitter.

The winner will win the featured Raven swag in the video. Submit as many entries of yours as you like. The more you enter, the better chance you have to win!

Please SHARE and help us bring the incredible weirdos out of the Weirwood. We love them and want to celebrate them.

Q: Do I have to be a US resident to play?
A: No

Q: Do I have to be a US resident to win?
A: No, you’re already a winner in our book, but to win the prize, yes, you must be a US resident.

Q: Does, the photo or video have to be from this year?
A: Nope, traditions take time to build. If you have a killer photo from your childhood by all means upload and tag it for consideration.

Music by Myuuji

15781600_10154922399699837_1354837851155319053_nTHIS YEAR’S #celebratestrange winner is (drum roll please)… Shelly Seiger David with her gifted DR. WHO tree:

“Here how we #celebratestrange we made this Doctor Who tree for our friends, with a variety of homemade Doctor Who themed ornaments including peg people character ornaments, and a Weeping Angel tree topper!”

About the only thing this judge (me) appreciates more than the macabre is geek culture. Congratulations Shelly! Come see us and collect your prize. Thanks for being strange!

P.S. That ornament on the bottom is asking to be moisturized ;O

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