Water is Life

Crows on waterfall looking the sunlightThere are countless great and worthy causes a charitable spirit can get behind, and as independent business owners Sadaat and I are approached regularly for support. The hard part is choosing where to dedicate our efforts, though. For us, it often comes down to proximity. We like to impact our local community, neighbors, etc. (in effect, “friends of friends”).

Recently, however, we’ve been encouraged by our staff to get behind a cause that has been making ripples nationally. They are called “Water Protectors” and our staff, Sadaat and I stand with them. Living in Michigan surrounded by beautiful blue water, we appreciate their concerns about how the Dakota Access Pipeline could affect their water supply someday. We have not forgotten the people injured by the Flint water contamination.

Call us bleeding heart liberals or call us concerned parents worried about the world we are leaving our children, but we feel like oil companies are a desperate and dying breed. There’s no doubt fossil fuels affect our planet’s health. The United States, a world power (and self-proclaimed role model to the rest of the free world), should be researching and implementing renewable energy. Why perpetuate a power source with a non-renewable supply that damages our world when our government should be encouraging clean energy practices?
For those of your looking to help the Water Protectors of North Dakota, the Raven staff will be raising money to purchase arctic tents and thermal sleeping bags to keep them warm this winter as they continue the fight in sub-zero temperatures.
If you prefer to donate directly, instructions and their wish list can be found at http://sacredstonecamp.org/supply-list/ 

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