Farewell to Mr. Ferriell

andrewSadaat first met former server Andrew Ferriell when he performed at one of the Poltroons’ celebrated open mic nights at Lynch’s Irish Tavern. He immediately offered his band Poor Richard’s Almanac a handful of musician’s slots at the Raven. A few months down the line Andrew appeared in the afternoon with an impressive resume looking to join the team.  He was hired on as a server and while in our employ he received many glowing comment cards from patrons. He left us recently to further pursue his music full-time after receiving an offer from a producer in Indiana. We wish him all the best and thank him for sharing his gifts with the Raven (even if only for a short time).  

If you’d like to keep up with his music online, check out his bandcamp at https://poor-richards-almanac.bandcamp.com/releases

PS: Andrew sent Sadaat a sneak peek of what he’s working on, and he can confirm that it is, in his words, “baby-making music.”

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