Librarian’s View: Literacy and Beyond Bookmarks

b4208cae-5781-45c8-8e60-eeb3abcb0e6dThere are many fulfilling moments that happen when you are a librarian and the partnership The Raven is doing with Literacy and Beyond has become my favorite…so far.
The participation astounded me in itself, not even a month in and we had over 70 completed book marks! All unique in their own way and I couldn’t help but to snap a picture of them together and post it to my personal Instagram account. To have a community that is so involved with positive change gives myself and so many others such strong hope for the future. Just the fact that many of The Raven’s patrons cared enough to decorate a little bookmark fills
me with great joy.
For those who do not know, all of the completed bookmarks go to children that are working hard to increase their literacy. The bookmarks serve as a reminder that their efforts are supported and that they have people that believe in them.
The mugs of blank bookmarks are still scattered around the upstairs portion of the café and are being refilled as needed. If you have a love for literature, this is a phenomenal way to spread it. Please, do come in and create influential art for an aspiring book worm!
~Kira J.

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