Revenge Has Never Tasted So Delicious

untitledLast year, we were closing in on all the glory during the main event, the Fifth Annual BlueChiliGrass chili cookoff, and then the unthinkable happened…WE RAN OUT! Halfway through the competition, our stock pots ran dry, dealing a crippling blow to our chances of winning (after all, how can you vote for chili that you can’t taste?). Nevermore, we say! This year we’re poised to take home the gold. The gates to the festival open at 11am on Monday, September 7th, and the chili cookoff is from 2-5pm. In addition to the Raven, scads of other equally amazing Downtown Port Huron restaurants competing.

We will also be repping the Raven and other local artists in the vendor’s area, as per usual. Art, crafts, homemade goods and delicious Raven wraps & snacks will be made available by Raven staff and our associates, so it’s a two-fer.

Not good enough? Wanna make it a three-fer? The evening of Sunday, September 6th there will be a very special concert that’s a little less bluegrass (and a little more rockin’) than the artists performing on Monday’s main event. Admission to this “pre-party” event is $10, which will also cover your admission into Monday’s festivities and score you eight, count ’em, EIGHT chili sampler tickets.
More information on both the pre-party fundraising event and the Sixth Annual BlueChiliGrass Festival can be found by clicking -> here.

One Comment on “Revenge Has Never Tasted So Delicious

  1. Thanks to the Raven and Family for their continued support. Not only do they compete, but they ALSO sponsor, AND Sadaat’s Poltroons have often played it! From the bottom of Grandpa Jeffery’s heart, we thanks ya and love ya!!


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