“Shared Drinks” Chalkboard & Pending Coffees

unnamed (1)I told you it was coming, and now it’s here: our “Shared Drinks” board is up and running. We’ve already had a generous patron purchase 15 “Pending Coffees”. How awesome is that? \

Here’s how it works: Say you’re in the Raven and want to buy a drink for a friend who loves lattés, Michigan craft beer or any of our other many offerings. You buy them a drink, we post their name and the drink on our chalkboard. We won’t be sending out additional communiques to drink recipients, so we recommend you tell them they have a drink coming to them.
When your friend comes in and sees their name on the board, they ask for their drink and receive it. Easy!

2 Comments on ““Shared Drinks” Chalkboard & Pending Coffees

  1. How fun. Definitely will do a pending drink when I get up your way. Heck, Rich Dougoud & I will buy each other drinks!!! Now about your quotes…you’re driving me crazy. The one shown on your board has been credited to Dr. Seuss BUT it also has been credited to 2 others….Bill Wilson & Brandi Snyder!! I’m going with Dr. Seuss as I have NEVER read anything by the others nor have I heard of them!!! Final question…you said you have 15 pending drinks purchased by one patron. Your board shows only 14…were one of those names that thirsty!!! Love your menu & wish you much success!!!


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