What’s funnier than Hell?

satori_lgAccording to Satori’s Circus’s Funy As Hell, not much! This theatrical production is inspired by Dante’s Inferno and highlights musical genres such as rock, folk and country depending on the featured sin of the corresponding circle. The Port Huron presentation will be the first time Funy As Hell will be performed with a live band. It’ll leave you in stitches! Reviews of previous performances of the show:

  • REAL DETROIT “These folks are true visionaries… absolutely mesmerizing.”
  • YALE UNIVERSITY NEWS “An ideal opportunity for (those), conscious of the parody, to laugh at the underlying critique of our surrounding institutions. Artistically quite clever.”
  • DETROIT FREE PRESS “Satori Circus is easily the best performance art group Detroit has produced.”
  • METRO TIMES “SATORI CIRCUS is a singularly uncanny theatre-going experience that’s a little bit Performance Art and a little bit Rock Opera.” 
  • ENCORE MICHIGAN “A performance art hybrid rarely seen in Metro Detroit… You’ll leave humming and wondering if Hell could really be this entertaining!”

Among many other talented performers, Raven Café owner Sadaat Hossain and staff members Nate Dauphinais, Paul Zimmer, Esq. and Scott Dambacher are performing in the show this weekend at the Sky Box Lounge (located above the new H.A.C. on Quay St.) Friday July 31st and Saturday August 1st. Tickets can be purchased online or at the door – $15 (18 & over, please).

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