Crazy Kindness for a Good Cause

The GISHWHES hunt is almost upon us, and by the time this letter reaches you it will be a mere 2 days away! Sadaat and I are incredibly excited and hope that our patrons can assist us in the fun. Last year I received help from friends with the following list items:

  • a race between a crawling baby and a crawling turtle
  • design Michelle Obama on a window in donated post-it notes (courtesy of Raven neighbors, Standard Office Supply!)
  • shave a design in a man’s chest hair (Sadaat took the hit on this one)
  • stage a cross-dressing family photo
  • make a bird’s nest in a man’s beard
  • dress up animals as characters from SUPERNATURAL
  • and so many more…

Being somewhat of an introvert, the hunt gave me a reason to chat with people I hadn’t talked to in a while, get to know acquaintances better and, ultimately, realize how beautiful and helpful people can be.

This year we not only have our friends and family to call on for help, but as owners of the Raven we have access to a vast network of awesome patrons that could potentially get in on the fun. Stay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook starting August 1st and you just might be able to race your crawling baby against a turtle, become a toilet paper princess or even walk on water. Enjoy these images captured from last year’s hunt!

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